Funds Safety

Rest assured that when you deposit funds into a Broker’s account, it’s safeguarded in a range of ways:

  • Your money is held in segregated accounts at regulated banks
  • We don’t use your money for our own business activity
  • Your money is ring-fenced from our creditors

Anti-Money Laundering

In accordance with the US Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financial Act 2006, Prudent International Ltd has in place policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the law.

These policies and procedures are designed to prevent money laundering activities from occurring.

Our Anti-Money Laundering policy outlines the documents that you must provide us before opening an account.

Funds Segregation

All your funds are kept separate from our company funds, fully segregated and kept in licensed, world-class financial institutions, guaranteeing they remain secure.

Naturally, we wouldn’t be where we are without ensuring robust security and safety of our clients’ funds. We ensure all data is encrypted and we provide transparency wherever possible, adhering to strict financial standards.

Advance Technology Security

  • 256-bit SSL encryption across the entire website
  • Embedded True-Site identity assurance seal
  • WebTrust compliant
  • Data transmission is encrypted to prevent data theft and unauthorized access by third parties.